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Forrest Bess

Forrest Bess's canvases quiver with colors, textures, shapes and symbols that are at once profoundly familiar and deeply mysterious.

Geoff Hippenstiel

Nearly all the paintings in this show of recent work by Geoff Hippenstiel, a Houston-based painter in his late 30s, feature a single massive shape occupying most of the available space. Depending on…

Ron Hoover

The real-estate developers, football players, bureaucrats and politicians who populate Ron Hoover’s paintings and drawings offer a rogue’s gallery of American greed, violence and conformism. Hoover…

Christopher Deeton

One of the sensations conveyed by Christopher Deeton’s richly allusive yet strictly controlled paintings is that of a gradual unfolding. Limiting himself for this show to just two colors—a velvety bla…