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Anna Sew Hoy

Since the late 1990s, Anna Sew Hoy has developed a sculptural, largely ceramic language centered on forms suggesting amoebas, heads, planets, caves, and hives. Familiar yet alien, Sew Hoy's…

Tony Cokes

Art dealer Hannah Hoffman, recently turned the former house of Paul Revere Williams into a temporary exhibition space for a show of five video works by Tony Cokes. The context brought a particular…

Kelly Akashi

Kelly Akashi's hand was everywhere in this ensnaring show, and not just implicitly, in that the Los Angeles–based artist made its sculptural contents, but explicitly, too.

Trulee Hall

Themes of touch and penetration also pervaded Trulee Hall's paintings and video works. The female figure took center stage: real-life, claymation, and painted women undulated and overlapped one…