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San Francisco Reviews

Brett Goodroad

Neither faithfully representative of the landscapes and figures they portray nor so abstract as to render them illegible, Brett Goodroad's latest paintings document his process of thinking through…

Vija Celmins

"To Fix the Image in Memory" demonstrates a sensitivity to the singular oeuvre of Vija Celmins, who was born in Latvia and has developed her practice over the past half-century, attesting to this…

Austin English and Sam Spano

The odd pairing of works by Brooklyn comic artist Austin English and Oakland painter Sam Spano and in Et al.'s exhibition "In the Cups" felt necessarily contingent, unexpectedly revealing, and a…


In the Bay Area, the relationship between art and technology is a common topic for exhibitions. Such shows often focus on artists' use of new computer programs and hardware. But rather than simply…

Candy Jernigan

Candy Jernigan transformed ordinarily unlovely objects into images and sculptural works of great wonder and wit.

Anouk Kruithof

Between the normalization of “alternative facts” and the speed with which false information spreads through social media, evidence doesn’t seem to count for much these days. Anouk Kruithof’s “#Evidenc…

Yuki Kimura

Questions about how humans conceive of time underpinned Japanese artist Yuki Kimura’s CCA Wattis exhibition, her first solo show in the United States.