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The artist’s painted incantations combine personal mythologies and
social allegories.

In witty installations, the artist plays anthropologist, studying
white culture of the recent past.

The painter’s collage-like
visions evoke the space
of the screen.

The experimental filmmaker
looks back at India’s
anticolonial histories.

The Chinese sculptor models the body with reference to Greek myth and contemporary discloation.

The Toronto–based photographer ditches the image, turning her medium
into a material.

The sculptor challenges
classification with
fantastic flora.

The New York–based artist pushes the traditional technique of stained glass into strikingly new sculptural directions.

The photographer explores
how images echo across
time and space.

The Mexico City­–based duo
plays with the iconography of
fantasy and fairy tales.


On Opacity

Many artists today resist “representation” and cross-cultural legibility. But the task poses countless challenges.