Between a Cross and a Hard Place

The controversy over the removal of a four-minute video from an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery has observers wondering whether the culture wars are back. If so, can anything be done to stop them? Read More

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Christ on the Cross with the Virgin Mary and Saint John, 1555–64, black chalk, heightened with white (oxidized), 161⁄8" x 1015⁄16". ©THE BRITISH MUSEUM, LONDON

Michelangelo: The Drawings of a Genius

Albertina, Vienna
Through January 9 Read More

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Raphael’s The School of Athens, 1509–10, contains a rare contemporary portrait of a young Michelangelo: the figure, seated front and center, writing in a notebook. STANZA DELLA SEGNATURA, VATICAN PALACE

Up the Rome Staircase

Young Michelangelo:
The Path to the Sistine
By John T. Spike
Vendome Press, 272 pages, $27.95 Read More

The Finding of Moses, 1904, was sold last November for $35.9 million. At one time the painting was considered less valuable than its frame.

From ‘Riches to Rags to Riches’

Victorian painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema is back in style. Read More


Beyond Graffiti

A new generation is making street art that is conceptual, abstract, and even sculptural in nature. Read More


Peter Not So Great?

Moscow debates whether a colossal, controversial monument should stay or go. Read More


De Niro Jr. on De Niro Sr.

Robert De Niro keeps his late father's studio the way it was left in 1993 and has just established an annual award to midcareer artists . Read More


You’re Engaged!

With artists increasingly involving the public in the creation of work, curators and museums have embarked on a quest to define, display, and collect participatory art. Read More


Driven to Abstraction

James Little brings a formalist's way with stripes and an alchemist's skill with materials to tactile canvases, making color the subject. Read More


A Satirist with a Loaded Brush

Art styles came and went, but painterly leftist Jack Levine had the last laugh . Read More