Looks Like Teen Spirit

Thirty artists revisit the legacy of grunge-rock pioneer Kurt Cobain, leader of the band Nirvana. Read More

French-Algerian artist Kader Attia's aluminum-foil Ghost, 2007. ©2009 KADER ATTIA/COURTESY SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON

Making an Impact

The work of artists from Arab and North African countries is thriving, complex, and increasingly visible on the international scene. Read More

In the music video for the song "70 Million," indie pop band Hold Your Horses! interprets 25 paintings, including Magritte's The Son of Man. L' OGRE

Playing God, Jesus, and Liberty

How a rock band restaged art-history classics for a music video that went viral. Read More


An Outsider Is Back In

Gadfly and provocateur Vittorio Sgarbi takes on the Venice Biennale. Read More

Archived Reviews Books

What Made Castelli Run

A new biography paints a well-rounded portrait of legendary dealer Leo Castelli. Read More

Vogue's editor took off her sunglasses for a portrait by Alex Katz, Anna Wintour, 2009. ©ALEX KATZ/COURTESY TIMOTHY TAYLOR GALLERY, LONDON

Made Without Shades

Alex Katz looks behind Anna Wintour's signature sunglasses. Read More


A Crime Waiting to Happen

Two of the world's top art-theft sleuths discuss the heist from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. Read More


Why It’s a Michelangelo

A painting in the Metropolitan long attributed to the circle of Francesco Granacci is really by Michelangelo— according to experts who cite underdrawings, imagery, and aspects of the artist's own biography as clues. Read More