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Adrian Piper

Total Service Artists

In an era of shrinking professional support, many artists are making self-sufficiency, self-evaluation and self-promotion integral parts of their artistic identity and their oeuvre. 

Land Art for the Media Age

A current museum survey of Land art challenges the established definition of the 1960s and '70s movement. In March of 1962, Jean Tinguely arrived in Las Vegas to construct a massive auto-destructive s

Adrian Piper

If there’s any artist whose work fully embodies the feminist maxim “the personal is political,” it is Adrian Piper. For some 40 years, Piper has utilized forms and strategies of Conceptual art—text, c…

Artists Do the Math

The division of art and text was, from the start, artificial; the technology of the printing press limited the art it could reproduce. Present-day media is restoring that relationship: art and text, b…