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Anne Doran

Letha Wilson

One of a number of contemporary artists who are blurring the lines between photography and other mediums, Letha Wilson makes artworks that are as much sculptures as photographs.

Thornton Dial

Born in rural Alabama in 1928, Thornton Dial worked as a machinist at the Pullman boxcar factory in Bessemer, Ala., for 30 years before he turned to making art full time in the 1980s.

Kutlug Ataman

The play between sense and nonsense was the leitmotif of this show of recent works by Turkish-born filmmaker and artist KutluÄ? Ataman. The exhibition comprised a selection of pieces from Ataman’s…

Kiki Kogelnik

Austrian-born artist Kiki Kogelnik (1935-1997) was one of a number of women working in the Pop vernacular during the 1960s—others include Dorothy Iannone and Rosalyn Drexler—in whom interest has lat…

Christer Stromholm

Before Nan Goldin's "Ballad of Sexual Dependency" (1986), there was Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm's "Les Amies de Place Blanche," a series of black-and-white photographs, taken between 19…

Rachel Harrison

 "For a very long time everybody refuses and then almost without a pause almost everybody accepts," Gertrude Stein wrote in "Composition as Explanation" (1926)-an essay excerpted in the catalogue fo…

Evelyne Axell

As the exhibition "The Great Journey into Space" made clear, the unreservedly erotic art of Belgian painter Evelyne Axell (1935-1972) deserves wider recognition.