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The Collective Imagination

Architecture collectives offer something that is entirely necessary and which aesthetic avant-gardes have always provided: self-organized groups independently fabricating communal living spaces and…

Emily Wardill

From Hitchcock in Rear Window to Wenders in Paris, Texas, filmmakers seeking to make their medium reflect on the way film both attracts and deceives its audience have often begun by suggesting…

Andrea Crespo

Earlier in the development of online community, it was easier to imagine the Internet as a space where we’re sprung from our bodies, able to dissimulate our identities or unlink them from attributes l…

John Armleder

Inappropriately enough, in the 1980s, John Armleder was briefly associated with the Neo-Geo movement. The geometric idiom in painting is chiefly a means of closing down the arbitrariness of subjective

Oliver Laric

Laric has excavated moments of transformation found in what the gallery describes as “over 100 years of animated film and videos.”