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Est. 1902


José Leonilson

Brazilian artist José Leonilson (1957–1993) is a legendary figure in his homeland, where he is esteemed for the poetic vision he expressed during a period of social crisis. His work has rarely been…

A Tribute to Tunga (1952-2016)

Inspired by Hellenistic poetry and medieval alchemy, Brazilian artist Tunga created sculptures, installations, and performances over the past three decades that made him one of Brazil’s best known and…

Ninth Bienal Do Mercosul

Perched on a cluster of sun-bleached rocks that barely protrudes from the Guaíba Lake—or river, depending on whom you ask—a former prison for political dissenters and other miscreants steadily erode…

Muse: Poetic Glue

I am inspired by what I call the energy of conjunction. This energy results from bringing disparate things together: unexpected materials, objects, ideas and, most potent and important of all, words…

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