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Brennan & Griffin

Anna Schachinger

Three of the five large paintings in Vienna-based artist Anna Schachinger's first New York exhibition (all works 2018) have nearly identical compositions.

Jeni Spota C.

The texture of Jeni Spota C.’s paintings verges on outrageous. Impasto barely begins to describe the gooey slabs and thick crusts, the insistent materiality. For all of their surface intensity, howeve…

Mary Weatherford

A selection of eight sprawling paint-and-neon-light canvases by Mary Weatherford was an inspired choice for inaugurating this Lower East Side gallery’s cavernous new satellite space in the Red Hook ne…

Arthur Ou

Visitors to Arthur Ou's second New York solo exhibition may have been surprised to encounter a room lined with paintings.

Paul Cherwick

Paul Cherwick’s punningly titled show “Splinter Group” was an engaging assembly of attractive polychromed wood sculptures that offer pathos, humor and craft.