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Brienne Walsh

Jessica Rath

If you were to plant a seed from an apple bought at the supermarket, most likely the tree it produced would not bear sweet fruit.

D’Ette Nogle

Walking into "Michael Clifton & Michael Benevento and D'Ette Nogle present: Information from Two Sources" felt something like entering a subway station in Blade Runner and becoming disoriented by a…

Holly Zausner

After more than a decade exhibiting almost exclusively in Germany, sculptor and filmmaker Holly Zausner, a native of New Jersey, returned to New York with "A Small Criminal Enterprise," her first so…

Into the Mind of Andre Masson

"Andre Masson, The Mythology of Desire: Masterworks from 1925 to 1945," at Blain Di Donna on the second floor of the Carlyle Hotel [through June 15], comprises over 30 paintings and drawings spannin…

Double Painting with Ned Vena

In his second solo exhibition at Clifton Benevento in New York, Brooklyn-based artist Ned Vena applies a singular painterly gesture to multiple unique works. "To make two separate paintings from one