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Matt Connors

A freestanding, 14-foot-tall, canary yellow wall greeted visitors to Matt Connors's third solo show, "Machines," at Canada. 

Joanna Malinowska

The Polish-born, New York-based Joanna Malinowska's third solo exhibition at Canada takes its name from Shakespeare—"A Hawk from a Handsaw" originates in Hamlet, wherein the Prince of Denmark…

Xylor Jane

Xylor Jane gets up absurdly early each morning to begin painting, all the better (she claims) to access the unconscious forces that tend to be accessible at that hour. (The title of her show—her thi…

Michael Williams

While the imagery and meaning of Michael Williams’s marvelous paintings may be “Straightforward as a Noodle” (as his recent exhibition at Canada Gallery was called), the method of their making is fa…

Record Heat for CANADA

For four sweltering evenings in July, New York artist and musician Sadie Laska hot-boxed the Lower East Side's CANADA Gallery. The sessions she curated, called "Slummer Nights," were music and visual