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Carlier Gebauer

Richard Mosse

Hundreds of black-and-white photographs are pieced together to create vast, ghostly landscapes in Richard Mosse's recent series of large-scale prints, "Heat Maps" (2015–17).

Emily Wardill

From Hitchcock in Rear Window to Wenders in Paris, Texas, filmmakers seeking to make their medium reflect on the way film both attracts and deceives its audience have often begun by suggesting…

Sebastian Diaz

The Argentine video artist and filmmaker Sebastian Diaz Morales (b. 1975), who divides his time between Comodoro Rivadavia in his homeland and Amsterdam, is regrettably little known in the U.S., tho…

Mark Wallinger

According to a mutual friend, Mark Wallinger is an insomniac. The 2004 per­formance Sleeper, for which the British artist donned a bear costume and spent nights wandering around Berlin’s Neue…