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Catherine Kron

Gilmores Girls

Kate Gilmore appeared in this year's Whitney Biennial with the installation Standing Here, for which the artist videotaped from above her attempts, and ultimate success, breaking out of a drywall…

Lena Dunhams Open House

Filmmaker Lena Dunham treads the turbid shallows of post-college fallout. In her latest, Tiny Furniture, the artist turns the camera on herself and her immediate family. Dunham favors a sort of…

Fact Sheet Ida Applebroog

Theorist Julia Kristeva once described Modernist romantic melancholy: "Abjection, recognized as welded to narcissism, has in Proust something domesticated about it." Kristeva might well have been refe

Josh Faught

In "While the Light Lasts," Josh Faught's New York solo debut, the artist mines textile's homespun origins, employing traditional craft techniques like crochet, loom weaving and ikat, and working with…