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charles m. schultz

Jonathan Lasker

The thirteen oil paintings and four graphite-and-India-ink sketches in Jonathan Lasker’s show—all made in the last three years—add up to a confident body of work. They resulted from a process that has

Zhang Hongtu

It is ironic yet unsurprising that politicians in both China and the U.S. have censored Zhang Hongtu’s paintings. Ironic because there are not many artists more dedicated to merging the cultural tradi…

Seth Price

Since he began making art at the turn of this century, Seth Price has used an array of mediums to create a remarkably diverse body of work. He seems to both love and loathe the material incarnation of…

Tina Barney

Tina Barney’s nominal survey “Four Decades” attempted to do more than it reasonably could. The limited selection of 11 photographs, while providing a sampling of the photographer’s oeuvre, oversimplif…