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Est. 1902

Claire Barliant


Futurefarmers is a collective led by Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine that includes an evolving roster of artists, designers, architects, scientists, and farmers.

“The Artist’s Museum”

A curator curating artists who curate other artists. It doesn’t get any more meta than that. The artworks collected in “The Artist’s Museum,” a nesting box of an exhibition organized by Dan Byers, are…

Charlotte Brooks

This smart show surveyed the work Charlotte Brooks made between 1951 and 1971, when she was the only woman photographer on staff at Look magazine, a competitor of the more popular Life

Jeffrey Gibson

Remember cultural hybridity? From the late '80s to the mid-'90s, it was all the rage. Work by artists such as Edgar Heap of Birds, Jimmie Durham and David Hammons (categorized as "multicultural") co…

David Adamo

David Adamo’s solo show of 13 sculptures and one painting conjured either an artist’s studio or the isolated cave of a mystic. A knee-high barrier built of stones extended from the gallery’s entranc…

Hannah Wilke

Hannah Wilke (1940-1993) is best known for her performative work: the “Starification Object Series,” begun in 1974, in which she photographed herself with vaginal-shaped pieces of chewed gum stuck to…

Johannes Vanderbeek

For his second solo at Zach Feuer, titled “Another Time Man,” New York-based artist Johannes VanDerBeek divided the gallery into three sections, filling them with ad hoc, slightly manic assemblages…

Lil Picard

“Is there something inherently stimulating in the poetry called ‘minor,’” John Ashbery once asked, “something it can do for us when major poetry can only wring its hands?” This question came to mind…