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COurtney Fiske

Sarah Charlesworth

Sarah Charlesworth's series "Objects of Desire" (1983-86) takes reality as something bracketed by quotation marks: a fiction, according to postmodernist critic Craig Owens, produced and sustained by…

Konrad Lueg

From 1963 to 1967, Konrad Fischer, Düsseldorf art dealer and main European conduit for New York's neo-avant-garde, moonlighted as the artist Konrad Lueg. 

In the Studio: Kristin Lucas

On Oct. 5, 2007, in an Alameda County, Calif., courthouse, Kristin Sue Lucas became Kristin Sue Lucas. The redundancy of this "name change" was precisely the point, reflecting the artist's desire to…

In Kiev Award Anxiety

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev was quick to dispel notions of a "return to painting," as in the 1980s vogue for neo-geo and expressionist styles. Speaking for her fellow jurors, she criticized the unnat…