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Damelio Terras

Sam Samore

Sam Samore’s carefully composed photographs recently on view atD’Amelio Terras are a far cry from “The Suicidist,” the 1973series for which he is best known. Those black-and…

Daniel Hesidence

Accepting that the singular masterpiece is no longer possible nor even something to strive for, Daniel Hesidence gives all of his works within a given series the same title. Thus all of the painting

Polly Apfelbaum

Having long made work that straddles painting and installation, Polly Apfelbaum has recently split one decisively from the other. This past summer, she showed discrete little image-objects made of P…

Jedediah Caesar

Developed over the past seven years, Jedediah Caesar’s signature sculptures are made from scraps of wood, cloth, cardboard and plastic that he mixes with liquid resins in buckets, boxes and other co…