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David Kordansky

Tom of Finland

The cover boys on Tom of Finland catalogues solicited visitors from outside the exhibition “Early Work 1944-1972,” offering something of a false promise.

Lesley Vance

  With no apparent fronts or backs, the forms in Lesley Vance’s paintings are slippery as Möbius strips. Edge becomes plane, plane dissolves. Broad ribbons fold over and peel away. Inner elides into…

Will Fowler

It is often noted that painting doesn't reproduce well-that, in this age of virtual viewing, painting, more than other mediums, insists on being seen in the flesh. Indeed, some of today's strongest…

Thomas Houseago

Thomas Houseago’s first U.S. solo exhibition, “Serpent,” was a promising start for David Kordansky’s new digs in Culver City.