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Est. 1902

DC Moore

First Look: Michael Stamm

While other young gay painters often trade in erotic imagery, Stamm sublimates the libidinal drive in more cerebral activity, coding quotidian objects with queer history and imbuing them with the…

Carrie Moyer

Mythical sirens lure listeners to their enslavement and eventual death with songs of irresistible beauty. As the title of a recent solo show by Carrie Moyer, an artist with queer activist roots, “Sire…

Roger Brown

This exhibition of Roger Brown’s “Political Paintings” covers the crises that plagued the U.S. from 1983-1991, ranging from the savings and loan scandal to the collapse of the Soviet Union to the Gulf…

Walt Kuhn

Sexual humiliation, anger and homoeroticism are unexpected themes in shows of early American modernists. But Walt Kuhn (1877-1949) was an artist who subverted expectations.

Mary Frank

The last time the 14 blunt wooden sculptures in Mary Frank’s show “Transformations” were exhibited was more than 40 years ago. Accompanied here by a dozen or so sumi ink wash drawings from the same…

Eric Aho

In past work, midcareer painter Eric Aho investigated two of the four classical elements—air and earth—in bold rural scenes including big-sky landscapes, their horizons pressed low, and broad quarry v…