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Derek Eller

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown's recent paintings at Derek Eller amounted to something like a storyboard for a twenty-first-century American epic.

Peter Linde Busk

Harold Rosenberg noted in 1964 that by appropriating past styles and tropes an artist “‘flattens out time’ by bringing its successive layers forward into a durationless present.” In the paintings, col…

Karl Wirsum

The nine gridded faces in Karl Wirsum’s human-scale, black-and-red acrylic drawing Marcel Dude Champ(ca. 1979) bear a strong resemblance to one another, but close inspection reveals nine unique pairs…

Thomas Barrow

Anyone looking for a counterpoint to the seamless photography currently dominating the digital field need look no further than the work of Thomas Barrow.

Rona Yefman

The flamboyant subject of Rona Yefman’s absorbing show “Marath a Bouke, Project #4” was Martha Bouke, the female persona of an unnamed, 80-year-old male Holocaust survivor living in Tel Aviv. Spanni…