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Donald Moffett

Fifty and Counting

Queers defy the rules of history to create a place for themselves, which is to say, ourselves. We invent ourselves out of a past that, in most instances, did not invite or anticipate us.

Memory Banks

What these works express is less a coherent critical position than a shared sense of dispossession. In this way, "Brand New" feels like less a historical survey than a field report of the current…

“Greater New York”

Returning to "Greater New York" a few days after the Paris attacks, I found myself moved by the main themes underlying the exhibition: our city in particular and urban life in general; and the emergen…

Sex with Sheila Hicks

Paris, a work by Sheila Hicks, hangs on a wall to the right of the fireplace, over my desk. The piece (10 by 5 inches, 1987) is small and sheer. See-through. It appears to be made from a single thread…