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Drawing Center

“Thread Lines”

Discovering that the Drawing Center's SoHo building was originally designed to house a loom factory, Anne Wilson has staged a performance for "Thread Lines" that turns the site itself into a loom.&nbsp…

Deborah Grant

For her first New York museum solo exhibition, filling the Drawing Center's project space, Toronto-born, New York-based artist Deborah Grant presented a visually compelling and thematically cohesive g…

Verbatim: Rashaad Newsome

I'm from New Orleans, and vogue is a very East Coast thing. My first time seeing it was at a b-boy party in New Orleans; someone from New York was there and he vogued. When I moved to New York in 2000…

Claire Gilman

Since joining the Drawing Center in 2010, curator Claire Gilman has routinely examined and challenged the institution's already expansive definition of drawing. Having earned a PhD in art history from