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R. Crumb

Bleeding seems like an apt metaphor for the nakedly confessional art of Robert Dennis Crumb (b. 1943), a man so obsessed with his own id that one of his comic books is actually called "Id."

Vija Celmins

"To Fix the Image in Memory" demonstrates a sensitivity to the singular oeuvre of Vija Celmins, who was born in Latvia and has developed her practice over the past half-century, attesting to this…

Artist Aggrieved

A prominent and charismatic personality of his generation, R.B. Kitaj (1932–2007) was also a polarizing figure, commanding widespread art world admiration as well as a smaller quotient of critical…

Dove Allouche

Paris-born midcareer artist Dove Allouche's abstract imagery seems utterly autonomous: tied to no philosophical system, no social cause, no psychological model, no aesthetic doctrine.