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Est. 1902

Eileen Myles

Reviewing Pat Hearn Gallery

Throughout the 1980s and '90s, Pat Hearn operated one of the most innovative galleries in New York, promoting artists such as George Condo and Tishan Hsu to Mary Heilmann and Renée Green. Highlights…

Bye Bye Roving Ei

My final rove this month already felt assembled in recollection. We rushed to CUNY on Monday night to hear Sam Ace, a poet from Tucson, read his new work. Sam did the bravest thing in the midst of w…

Roving Ei: The Growing Panic

I am in San Francisco this week so I've been exploring the local crop of art, which is mainly photos. The Wattis Institute at California College of the Arts had a show, "More American Photographs,"…

Roving Ei Part 1

It's been a strangely positive week in America, I can definitely report. I called my mother, who lives in a senior center in Holyoke, MA, where there was a huge storm. She was delighted I got throug

Get Smart: Eileen Myles

"In general I think writers are not smart," wrote Myles in The Importance of Being Iceland, about coming to terms with the "fear of seeming dumb" which she felt was a pitfall of her mid-century…