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Est. 1902


Steve Currie

"This group of sculptures," wrote Steve Currie in the press release for this exhibition of works from 2011-12, "is about looking back in order to go forward."

Pat Passlof

Is painting a choice? It doesn’t seem to have been for Pat Passlof, who died of cancer just days before her long-planned exhibition, her seventh solo at Elizabeth Harris, was to open this fall. There…

Ann Shostrom

The 17 works in Ann Shostrom’s exhibition, her first in NewYork in 18 years, are collectively called “Harvest.” They mightbe thought of as a harvest of internalized ideas o…

Julian Hatton

This show of recent painting saw Julian Hatton branching out. After mastering the 24-inch-square format common to his previous work, Hatton seems to have gotten restless, and few of the works (all 2…

Thornton Willis

The lattice patterns in Thornton Willis’s recent paintings (all 2008) are a departure from his faceted triangular forms of the past few years, which in turn varied from his signature wedge-shaped abst…