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Fact Sheet Adolf Dietrich

Adolf Dietrich (1877–1957), one of the most reknowned Swiss artists of the 20th Century, focused his work on his own surroundings, rendering rural landscapes, portraits, animals, and still lives, with…

Fact Sheet Hunter Cross

Transparency Now, Hunter Cross' debut New York solo show, was recently on view at the Abrons Art Center on the Lower East Side. It captured, the artist said, an aesthetic, "similar to what you might…

Fact Sheet Ida Applebroog

Theorist Julia Kristeva once described Modernist romantic melancholy: "Abjection, recognized as welded to narcissism, has in Proust something domesticated about it." Kristeva might well have been refe

Fact Sheet Laddie John Dill

The Tim Nye-curated "Primary Atmospheres" show at David Zwirner was something of a welcome resurrection for a group of California Minimalists known as "Light and Space" artists. So welcome, in fact,&nbsp…