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Lari Pittman

With the intensity and drive of a visionary, Los Angeles painter Lari Pittman has been honing a forceful and idiosyncratic approach to picture-making for more than three decades. His quasi-abstract…

R.H. Quaytman

R.H. Quaytman sticks to the rules, even when she's out of her element. The paintings she has produced since 2001 adhere to certain self-imposed parameters.

Carroll Dunham

A “peculiar blend of slapstick idiocy and gallantry” is a phrase that captures the spirit of Carroll Dunham’s new paintings. Tellingly, it was written by Dunham himself in a review of Picasso’s late

Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges has long created art that is visibly handmade. Often employing craft-based processes, he can tease visual poetry from rather ordinary materials.

Matthew Barney

No need to wait 2,000 years to see how arch-eological relics from our time might appear to ancient history buffs of the future. "DJED," Matthew Barney's recent show, featured an imaginative group of

Kai Althoff

“Professionalism kills all that I like about art,” Kai Althoff told Flash Art in 2002. The latest exhibition by this self-taught artist and musician (b. 1966), who recently moved to New York from hi…

Cameron Jamie

Cameron Jamie’s first New York solo exhibition looked back to medieval Austria, centering on 11 ornately gro­tesque wooden masks reminiscent of those worn, to this day, by villag­ers channeling Kram…