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Greater New York

Building Pictures

Working everywhere from Photoshop to the woodshop, a growing number of photographers shoot, appropriate, manipulate, print, paint, and sculpt their works, making objects that stretch the traditional…

Greater New York

"Greater New York," the quinquennial roundup of mainly emerging artists who live and work in the city, is currently in its third edition at P.S.1. The curators-Klaus Biesenbach, Neville Wakefield an…

Ryan McNamaras Got a New Bag

When we last saw Ryan McNamara, he was clad in silver leggings and learning hip hop dance moves on a stage erected at the top of the stairs at MoMA-PS1. This was the opening of "Greater New York," and…

Hit Repeat

Eight weeks into Greater New York Cinema, P.S.1's 20-week sidebar highlighting the past five years in film and video, comes a reprise of Brooklyn-based Jessie Stead's 2006 "structuralist road movie,"

Greater Idols

Cookies, a Botticelli monograph and gold jumpsuits are just some of the disparate objects currently located in PS1's rotating gallery space. Curated by ICI (Independent Curators International) directo