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installation art

Sense of Style

Though Eric N. Mack describes himself as a painter, his primary medium is fabric. One might say he works in the tradition of Robert Rauschenberg, who expanded painting's formal range to include…

Sarah Lucas

Over a third of the works in Sarah Lucas's first stateside retrospective are from her early years as part of the Young British Artists (YBA) group, beginning with the sculpture Au Naturel (1994)…

Analia Saban

"Punched Card," Analia Saban's exhibition of new work at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, offered the material ingenuity we've come to associate with the artist.

Trust Survey 2018

Adrian Piper has taken care to explain that her work in philosophy, her "day job," as she writes, is not a mirror image, in another guise, of her work in visual art.

Liza Lou

Liza Lou is the contemporary art world's preeminent poet of beads. She has sewn odes and lamentations with them, used them as a means of witness and a vehicle for critique, expanded their grammar.