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Cally Spooner

A broader obsession with statistics, self-improvement, and "normalcy" is central to British artist Cally Spooner's Swiss Institute exhibition, "SWEAT SHAME ETC."

Abraham Cruzvillegas

Abraham Cruzvillegas's sculptures and installations often hew to a principle he calls "autoconstrucción," which centers on making work collaboratively in an ad hoc fashion with materials at hand.

Cathy Wilkes

If one had to name a single idea or type of experience underlying all of Wilkes's production, it would be that of poverty: not just the absence of money in itself, but the kind of poverty that is a…

“Artists of Color”

"Artists of Color" did two things bravely. First, it presented rooms of geometric abstractions, monochromes, and color fields from the likes of Josef Albers, Imi Knoebel, and Jo Baer—the sort of…

Trajal Harrell

Harrell not only calls into question the barrier between dancer and spectator. He also complicates the "nowness" associated with live dance, or the focus on the present tense of the gestures and movem…