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Jack Hanley

Heidi Hahn

The women who inhabit the nine vibrant, introspective paintings (all 2015 or 2016) in Heidi Hahn’s exhibition “Bent Idle” embody an array of emotions, their demeanors both infectious and startling. In

Margaret Lee

Like many people who look at a lot of art, I am often guilty of "drive-by" viewings—I crane my neck to take in as much as possible via a gallery's window without breaking my stride, or else I pop in…

Jessica Rath

If you were to plant a seed from an apple bought at the supermarket, most likely the tree it produced would not bear sweet fruit.

Eleanor Moreton

Eleanor Moreton’s New York solo debut presented 10 small to medium-size reworkings (all 2010) of compositions by once-famous 19th-century painters, such as the Pre-Raphaelite John William…