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Jan Ernst Adlmann

Oli Sihvonen

If ever there were an artist's career deserving of upward assessment, it is surely that of the under-known hard-edge abstract painter Oli Sihvonen (1921-1991). Aptly titled "Energy Fields," this ex…

David Solomon

David Solomon has been an active member of the Santa Fe art community for the 11 years he has lived here, as both a painter and an independent curator. His latest exhibition demonstrated not only his…

Harmony Hammond

It’s been said “there are no secrets except the secrets that keep themselves.” Among the many observations that one could float about Harmony Hammond’s recent paintings is that they convey the feeli

Eric Tillinghast

Initially conceived in 2008 as a web-only enterprise, LAUNCHPROJECTS has been augmented by a private exhibition space dedicated to emerging artists. Last spring the gallery presented work by Califor…