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New Priorities in Japan

It's hard to think about art in the face of nightmarish human tragedy. As Japan attempts to get back on its feet after the Mar. 11 earthquake and tsunami, news on the nation's contemporary structures…

Bye Bye Little Boy

Was Takashi Murakami's 2005 "Little Boy" exhibition too cloying? "Bye Bye Kitty!!!," a new survey of contemporary Japanese art, presents a darker, more disillusioned view of the nation's cultural mood…

Know Your Enemy

Linda Hoaglund's new documentary film, ANPO: Art X War, offers an impassioned account of Japanese opposition to the post-WWII treaty that made the defeated nation a de facto ally of the U.S.&nbsp…

Dystopia Man

A first U.S. museum survey for Tetsumi Kudo explores a diverse body of three-dimensional work, its materials and themes unified only by a determination to disturb.