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John Walker

John Walker's Maine is a fertile place. It continues to provide rich source material for his work as he enters his fifth decade as a painter. Working in the studio or en plein air at the edge of an…

Julian Hatton

This show of recent painting saw Julian Hatton branching out. After mastering the 24-inch-square format common to his previous work, Hatton seems to have gotten restless, and few of the works (all 2…

Daniel Hesidence

Accepting that the singular masterpiece is no longer possible nor even something to strive for, Daniel Hesidence gives all of his works within a given series the same title. Thus all of the painting

Matthew Chambers

Walking into a room full of Matthew Chambers’s paintings, it is easy to feel that you haven’t really been living. Hung side by side around the perimeter of Untitled gallery with just two inches betwee…

Gabriel Hartley

This fall British painter Gabriel Hartley returned to Foxy Production—where, a year before, his work had been a highlight of the group show “Abstract Abstract”—with his first solo exhibition (all wo…

Joan Snyder

What if you weren’t aware of Joan Snyder’s history as a feminist artist, going back to the early 1970s? As you stepped through the doors of Betty Cuningham Gallery this fall, the first thing you mig