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Joe Fyfe

Mining the Field

The German painter Charline von Heyl eschews ironic attitude while maintaining a cool engagement with the panoply of visual culture.

Richard Fleischner

For the past 45 years, Richard Fleischner, like many artists of his generation, has been practicing art "on a lofty and cerebral plane of a quotidian materiality," to use Yvonne Rainer's felicitous…

Joe Fyfe

Joe Fyfe, a New York artist who wears multiple hats, including those of curator, writer, critic and globetrotter on a shoe-string, continued his canny exploration of present-tense abstraction in his…

Margrit Lewczuk

Margrit Lewczuk, a participant in a loose band of militantly anti-ironic abstract painters in Brooklyn, has a steady exhibition record. She has taught figure drawing at the Metropolitan Museum for o…