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John Currin

Double Exposure

In paintings, photography, sculpture, and performance, artists are summoning the age-old distinction between naked and nude to comment on gender roles, sexual politics, stereotypes, and more

When Bad Is Good

Artworks that mimic soft porn, showcase embalmed animals, mock the Pope, and otherwise offend propriety are filling auctions, museums, and galleries. Is there anything left to be upset about?

John Currin

As evidenced by the painstaking technical refinements in the 13 oil paintings from the past two years on view in this recent exhibition, John Currin dug deep into his ever-burgeoning bag of painterly…

How Far Is Too Far?

Contemporary artists have made work depicting graphic sexual acts, damaging property, injuring their own bodies, or paying others to alter theirs. But when does art cross the line from avant-garde to…