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Ken Johnson

Reading With One Eye Closed

Since my preview of "The Female Gaze" and my review of "Now Dig This!" are readily available online at the New York Times website and elsewhere, I hope readers will judge for themselves whether or…

Ken Johnson Is Psyched

"If you remember the '60s," the old joke goes, "you weren't there." Ken Johnson, today a widely respected art critic for the New York Times, was not only present but—despite inhaling and taking a…

Seriously Funny

Swiss prankster Olaf Breuning navigates between the sublime and the ridiculous in films, sculptures, and multimedia works that take on everything from Easter Island to Woody Allen.

You Had to Be There

More and more artworks exist not as objects but as ephemeral events—a conversation, a thunderclap, a slow-motion kiss—that insist viewers take part.