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Est. 1902

Kimberly Chou

Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello’s show “More Songs About Buildings and Bells” drew on two earlier projects by the musician and sound artist, both made in New York. In the gallery’s front room, five wall-mounted sp…


What immediately strikes the viewer about the art collective TRIIIBE is the appearance of its members: Alicia, Kelly and Sara Casilio—the subjects and architects of photographs taken by collaborator C…

Gene Beery

Within Gene Beery’s conceptual language-based paintings, there always seems to be some kind of joke—and not always one that the viewer is in on. Among the pieces included in the artist’s 50-year ret

Miguel Aguirre

Peruvian-born, Barcelona-based painter Miguel Aguirre has spent the past 20 years painting images taken from the world news. For his recent solo show “Gone with the wind . . . ,” however, he turned…

Adam Fuss Teaches Morality

It's a history that's likely unknown to those who grew up with it as Chutes and Ladders: The game Snakes and Ladders began as a Jain morality-teaching tool in 16th Century India. Snakes and ladders on…

Birds and Beans

For two years, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird and aritst Ian Schneller have been planning a "sonic arboretum" of different-sized horns. "The horns kind of evolved from being more this Victrola aest…