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Lauren DeLand

Hélio Oiticica

Performance arguably persists only in the document, the remnant, the re-creation. Though the Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica is not typically designated a performance artist, his work invites interact…

Kader Attia

"Kader Attia: Reflecting Memory" began when Northwestern University's Block Museum extended an invitation to the French-Algerian artist to use the resources of the school's Herskovits Library of Afric…

Alma Allen

Alma Allen’s semiabstract sculptures provoke an irresistible urge to identify familiar formal corollaries. The self-taught, Joshua Tree–based artist encouraged this impulse by giving the name Not Yet…

Amalie Jakobsen

Denmark-born, Berlin-based artist Amalie Jakobsen’s metal sculptures bear minor irregularities that contradict the works’ smooth, crisp angles. From a distance, two linked aluminum triangles (all work…

Sanford Biggers

The historical relationship between the Western avant-garde and the art of Africa is one of objects stolen, fetishized, and aesthetically cannibalized by European modernists like Picasso and Modiglian

Deana Lawson

A selection of 16 ambitious works by the New York-based photographer Deana Lawson inaugurates the Ruttenberg Contemporary Photography Series, a new biennial program. Perhaps the most arresting work in

Geof Oppenheimer

“Geof Oppenheimer: Big Boss and the Ecstasy of Pressures,” the Chicago sculptor’s first solo museum exhibition, presented two works commissioned by the Block Museum. The video…