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Linda Yablonsky

Chaos Close Up

For the past 20 years, Kevin Landers has photographed a New York that is falling apart, half-rotten, hobbling along, gouged, frayed, screwed together, broken, and faded. In a book of Landers' photos c

Taking It to the Limits

Marina Abramović's performances, feats of endurance involving self-denial and even self-mutilation, are so influential that MoMA has asked 35 artists to re-create them for an upcoming…

You Had to Be There

More and more artworks exist not as objects but as ephemeral events—a conversation, a thunderclap, a slow-motion kiss—that insist viewers take part.

Hollywood’s New Wave

More and more artists are directing feature films with large casts, big budgets, and elaborate story lines involving everything from intellectual werewolves to Polish cowboys.