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Lisa Zeitz

Vita Petersen, 1915-2011

Vita Petersen, German-born abstract artist, died Oct. 22 in New York, age 96. Petersen painted abstract, colorful forms characterized by rigorous, quiet gestures, often in pastel on paper. She showe…

Werner Muensterberger, 1913-2011

Werner Muensterberger, psychoanalyst, art historian, author and collector of African art, died Mar. 6 at his home in New York. He was just shy of 98. His 1994 book Collecting, an Unruly Passion

Berlin Battle Over Art Basel

The Art Basel fair franchise is the Harvard of art fairs. Elite, exclusive and secretive, it’s a powerful club whose members don’t willingly depart. Art Basel doesn’t take place until mid-June, but in…