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Made in LA

Made in LA

EJ Hill stood at the far end of his installation in the Hammer Museum's apse-like Vault Gallery, where the altar would be if this were an actual cathedral. He occupied the highest spot on the kind of…

Made in LA

The third iteration of the Hammer Museum’s Made in LA biennial—organized by the museum’s Aram Moshayedi and the Renaissance Society’s Hamza Walker—proposed a current art scene that is much more divers

Made in L.A.

As the second edition of a show that first took place two years ago, this summer's Made in L.A. at the Hammer Museum satisfied the minimum requirements of being biennial.

Ruby Neri’s Primordial Visions

Writing in his 1946 manifesto, "Rehabilitation of Mud," the artist Jean Dubuffet advocated for the creation of paintings made of "monochromatic mud . . . to discover an order (an image) within forml…