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Marianne Boesky

Claudia Wieser

For her second solo show in New York, Claudia Wieser papered some of the gallery's walls and a portion of the floor with collages of digital prints.

Donald Moffett

In "The Radiant Future," Donald Moffett presented 12 new works completed in 2011-12, many of them hybrid objects that problematize the relationship between painting and sculpture. Although Moffett m…

Salvatore Scarpitta

Why has Salvatore Scarpitta (1919–2007)—he of the bandaged canvases, strapped-up sleds and wryly decorated, often functional racing cars—been so overlooked in his native U.S.? Though better known in…

Adam Helms

The central piece in "Without Name," Adam Helms's second solo show at Marianne Boesky, which included drawings and a sculpture (all 2010), took as its point of departure Gerhard Richter's 48 Portrai…

John Waters

Director John Waters’s ascent from notorious creator of Pink Flamingos (1972) to toast of Broadway is as instructive a lesson in the meshing of high and low American culture as is his film Pecker