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Marta Minujín

Three Argentine Visions

Throughout its notoriously turbulent political and socioeconomic history, Argentina has managed to sustain a vibrant cultural scene. The hub of activity has always been Buenos Aires, a vast…

“Las Superocheras”

This exhibition started with curator Regina Tattersfield's realization that the available material on art made in Mexico using Super 8 film all but excluded women artists.

Marta Minujin

Dense with works made, remade and documented from a half-century career, this retrospective of Marta Minujín in her home city of Buenos Aires presented an artist whose appetite for all kinds of sen…

Codes of Conduct

In 1968, Argentine artist Marta Minujín found her nose pressed against the window of the intimidating social web of New York City (and its even more Byzantine art world). But rather than become a mere