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Michael Smith

In the Studio: Kristin Lucas

On Oct. 5, 2007, in an Alameda County, Calif., courthouse, Kristin Sue Lucas became Kristin Sue Lucas. The redundancy of this "name change" was precisely the point, reflecting the artist's desire to…

Out in Public: West of Rome

Guests to Los Angeles public art project West of Rome's benefit were greeted by a marching band and Carnival-style dancer, and then given white baby bibs (name-customized in pastel-hued embroidery for…

Michael Smith and Mike Kelley

Babies can be adorable, but Michael Smith's Baby IKKI . . . well, his name says it all. Played by the artist in diapers and a scalloped bonnet, the character is an 18-month-old toddler that Smith inve…

Carry a Big Shtick

For artists inspired by sketch comedy, off-the-wall characters who can say and do anything are a way to explore weighty political and social issues.