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Monica Bonvicini

Monica Bonvicini

For this exhibition, the Italian-born, Berlin-based artist Monica Bonvicini bisected Mitchell Innes & Nash's main space with a temporary wall supported by two small, dildolike "sculptures" in Murano g…

Under Destruction

Playing on the pervasiveness of images of destruction and devastation in the news and in Hollywood movies, artists are making works that range from violent to chillingly disquieting

The Two Sides of the Arsenale

The grandiose, the edgy, the obvious and the arcane commingle in the vast Arsenale exhibition at this year's Venice Biennale. Curator Bice Curiger's title, "ILLUMInations," not so subtly suggests a lo…

Monica Bonvicini / Tom Burr

The current exhibition of works by Monica Bonvicini and Tom Burr is an odd coupling, estranged yet intimate, and feral at a studious remove. If the similarities in the two artists' bodies of work are…