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T. Venkanna

T. Venkanna’s show of paintings at Gallery Maskara offered a vibrant pastiche of sexual and pornographic images often referencing art history and popular culture. 

Amol K Patil

In the irregularly shaped, converted antique store that is the Clark House Initiative, "Social Theatre," a show of unassuming works by young Mumbai artist Amol K Patil, came across as smartly…

Vasudha Thozhur and Himmat

In the spring of 2002, up to 2,000 Muslims were killed and some 150,000 displaced in a rash of Hindu-led riots—allegedly carried out in retaliation for a train fire reportedly set by Muslims—in the we…

Kiran Subbaiah

In her 1976 essay "Video: The Aesthetics of Narcissism," which looks at early works by Vito Acconci, Richard Serra, Peter Campus and others who dealt with the destabilizing effects of "the self spl…