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Muse: Pentimenti

An émigré to New York, Russian-born painter Sanya Kantarovsky argues for the fluid openness to pictorial change that he perceives in the half-obscured surface traces left by such masters as Leonardo…

Muse: Syncopation

The Albanian-born, Paris-based video artist, currently the subject of an exhibition at the New Museum, New York, reflects on the importance of syncopation—musical, visual and sociopolitical—in his lif…

Théâtre de la Mode

A New York artist finds himself mysteriously drawn to a remote museum in the Columbia River Gorge, home to a collection of haute couture dolls from WWII-era Paris.

Architectural Light

During a European sojourn in the mid-1960s, the Chicago-based artist encountered key monuments of modern architecture—especially Le Corbusier's church in Ronchamp—that continue to inspire…